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Dear friends,

we are currently working on our debut album which will be recorded in March. We are happy to present you our crowdfunding campaign for the final steps of producing the album, so you can listen to it as soon as possible.

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Berlin Syndrome

There is this place – an everyone probably has one somewhere – that emits a magical aurora. You don’t exactly know why but you always find your way back to it. It is a place full of secrets and even if you think you know everything, small moments happen which surprise you. And for this there are two possibilities, maybe even more. You curse this place for it’s unbearable attraction. For how it fascinates people and manipulates them. For how they throw away their own lives and become sick. A facade, a lie…hypocritical. Or you fall in love with it and it becomes the love of your life. The best thing that ever happened to you, the best decision you ever made is to stay there because you can be happy and free…like you always wanted. It is some kind of paradise for the spirit and heart. A paradise…or hell?

– This is the Berlin Syndrome

After founding the band in March 2014 the work of the five musicians Graeme Salt, Robert Meinel, Marcel Behrens, Mathias Wagner and Marvin Jiménez emerged pretty quickly. A fan base grew vastly in the first few weeks which supported the band in what they did. The summertime brought numerous gigs in clubs, bars and festivals. The band released their debut EP ‘All For The Good’ in September 2014 and produced a professional music video to the title track.

The sound of the band is influenced by different genres, such as Indie, Alternative and Post Rock and creates a profound atmosphere which appeals especially in the bands live performances. Playful, tender guitars, profound drums and bass combined with Graeme’s sonorous vocals yield impressive dynamics within the songs.








(c) Christina Karagiannis

Havana Bar

Frankfurt Oder
Havana Bar
5 Aug Saturday

Taraxacum Festival


11 Aug Friday

Jugendaktionstag Magdeburg

12 Aug Sunday

Isle Of Rock

1 Sep Friday

Unter Freunden Festival

2 Sep Saturday
(c) Eric Zimmermann

Cafe am Heizhaus

Cafe am Heizhaus
9 Sep Saturday

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